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Effective communication & collaboration is paramount. Trillium have solutions that assist clients make the most of their most valued resources.

Most organisations recognise the value of their people and information assets but struggle to get the most of them. Trillium have a broad range of experience in delivering services and solutions founded on proven technologies that help overcome the traditional difficulties.

We focus on letting your organisation deliver more with fewer resources by connecting those with the information to those that need it.

We use Microsoft SharePoint to help organisations of all sizes collaborate through the use of shared workspaces that integrate with Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Word and Excel to facilitate easier user adoption. Users are empowered to manage their information without the need to learn specialist skills.

Examples of these shared workspaces include:

  • Document Libraries
  • Project portals
  • Electronic Forms Libraries
  • Discussion boards, Wikis and Forums
  • Knowledge bases
  • Shared calendars
  • Self-service areas (featuring expenses forms, payslips and holiday request forms)Policy and procedural documents

Extending access of information to contacts, clients and partners can further increase the operational efficiency of organisations by creating external facing portals into your organisation, providing others with the right level of access to information.

Using our range of solutions and services, we have assisted organisations create the following:

  • An enterprise wide intranet for collaborating scientist
  • Project portals for financial experts to manage client information
  • Classroom based content storage and student work submission process for an academic institution
  • Information portals for legal services firms to bring data and information together for clients
  • Public websites that publish vast amounts of research information for research organisations
  • Websites that encourage online participation and interaction for a Not for Profit organisation
  • Client facing support portals than enable a technology company to bring together service information with vendor and partner contribution


We build solutions that deliver on specific requirements.

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