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Member self-service

Keeping your stakeholders engaged through your digital presence is essential in the modern world and offering your member's a self-service portal is a way to do this while improving your member benefits and improving your organisation's efficiency.

As an extension to our Membership Management solution, we provide a broad range of online engagement options for members to interact in real-time with their membership data.

We offer a starter portal built on the Umbraco framework which is the perfect platform to become your fully integrated website. If you want a more extensive self-service function, we offer a solution integrated into the Kentico or Sitecore platforms.

All Trillium solutions include a full set of custom APIs, so if you have a great digital partner, they can implement an integrated portal into your website and offer the full suite of self-service benefits to your stakeholders.

Solution benefits

The core ability for a stakeholder is to register and keep their own details up to date. The self-service portal can be extended to allow them to record against all fields in CRM, including:

  • contact details
  • employer details (incl. full employment history if needed)
  • qualifications
  • multiple addresses
  • interest areas
  • mailing preferences
  • ...and much more

Helping members join online is a huge value to an organisation. We have experience in delivering everything from the most simple joining  processes, offering self-selection of membership grade and band, to complex multi-step journeys that require document uploads and referee verification.

Direct Debit sign up and payment gateways are fully integrated parts of the journey and allow immediate collection of fees , with a successful journey resulting in a logged in member ready to engage with your member benefits straight away.

If you want to improve the efficiency of your membership renewals, whether a simple payment or a more extensive user-driven process, this can be easily integrated into the self-service portal.

As with all self-service areas, a full suite of APIs underpin these processes, allowing your preferred digital partner to integrate directly to your new or existing website.

The Trillium Events and Courses solution caters for many different types of events, such as single day free lectures, multi-day conferences with streams and sessions, and training courses split over many months. All of these events can be booked online by users through our standard booking journey.

We support individual registration or group bookings, with choices of sessions and delegate options. Behind this we can check whether the user is eligible for a member rate based on their membership status, so that they only see the fee relevant to them.

The self-service area allows users to view their upcoming events and booking history, as well as allowing them to manage bookings or delegates, and complete pending bookings.

Adding value to your self-service area can be as simple as allowing stakeholders to record their CPD and have assurance they are fulfilling their professional development obligations. For this, the Trillium solution includes the ability to easily record CPD and download CPD certificates.

If you want your members to have access to a more extensive e-Portfolio, we can extend this into your self-service area with our dedicated e-Portfolio system implemented on the SharePoint platform.

Exam registrations can also be processed online allowing sign up and booking of modules for individuals.

The true power of Dynamics CRM is when it acts as the single source of truth for your organisation. To accomplish this integrations with the other systems and processes in your organisation are vital.

Here are some of the key integrations that Trillium can help you deliver to your organisation.