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To extract the maximum benefit from your organisation's investment in business and interactive systems, it makes sense that they integrate.

We ensure that your systems function in harmony, enabling a single source of truth. Through effective systems integration, based on integration planning, tools and expertise, we can ensure you move from managing disparate systems of record to powerful Systems of Intelligence.

Trillium pride itself on it's skills as a systems integrator, looking at the big picture and architecting a solution that accomplishes this.

Solution features

With our capabilities in website development and self-service portals, we have a fundamental understanding of how deep integration to your digital platform needs to work. Whether we are working with your preferred digital partner or implementing your online presence ourselves, we will  ensure that the end result is a connected experience for your stakeholders that adds value to their interaction with your organisation.

All Trillium solutions come with a full suite of custom web service APIs that allow an integrated solution to be implemented. Our developers are experts at delivering the technology required to offer real-time integration to your business system. If your requirements are more complex, this suite can be extended to meet your needs

A standard self-service portal, including transactional journeys for joining, renewals and event registration, is part of our Umbraco starter solution. These transactional journeys can be easily integrated into your existing self-service area if required.

Email marketing is a powerful way to engage with your members and stakeholders. Integrating your email marketing with Dynamics CRM will allow you to take this to another level by allowing you to build automated engagement journeys and personalise content based on what you already know about your members. That means you can show more senior members a different piece of content to their junior counterparts, all driven by the data in CRM.

Email marketing integration with Dynamics CRM also enables you to report on the effectiveness of your campaigns, seeing which members are opening your emails and who is clicking on what. This will help you build a picture of your members to highlight your most engaged individuals and segments. All of this will help you build a profile of your members and improve future engagement. 

The ease of processing incoming or generating outbound documents can be the key enabler of business efficiency in your processes. Our engagement consultants will work with you to automate document creation and delivery, as well as ensuring that your system has all the essential information to build effective documents

Dynamics CRM has standard capabilities for document creation, some of which are greatly enhanced in the latest versions, however Trillium's approach is to enhance this ability with their experience and tools such as DocumentsCorePack. This allows complex business processes such as renewals, including Direct Debit payment plans, to result in simple to manage, automated output to your stakeholders.

Trillium's dedicated SharePoint consultants and developers can implement powerful solutions linked to Dynamics CRM, enabling seamless document management above and beyond what the standard SharePoint integration allows.

We have existing solutions to automate document collection and enhance the self-service capability of your stakeholders. This functionality integrates deeply to SharePoint as a back end system, ensuring your internal users benefit from a powerful document management and collaboration platform.

With integration, choosing the right tool for the job is often as important as understanding what is required. We have a core capability in systems integration, and expertise in a number of tools that can assist in these processes.

We are a Scribe certified partner and have extensive experience using and supporting both the Scribe Insight and Scribe Online platforms for a number of clients. Scribe offers adaptors for many common systems and is a strong contender for integration to other products in the Dynamics family, such as GP, NAV and AX.

Other tools include SSIS, using components such as Kingswaysoft, to implement technically complex data loads or synchronisations.

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