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Venue hire

Our Venue Hire solution comes equipped to help you manage your hospitality bookings for your rooms or locations.

It's easy to visualise what's going on and what's available through the rich and full-featured Outlook-style calendar interface.

Developed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the Trillium Venue Hire solution is perfectly suited to organisations that require better management of their real estate resources in context of the rest of their business. As a part of the Dynamics CRM solution, the solution benefits from all the inherent benefits that Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides.

Solution features

All the work needed for creating and managing the booking of rooms and locations of your organisation can be achieved through a simple to use, rich and familiar Outlook-like calendar interface. Day, week, month, multi-day and timeline views show you the bookings grouped by resource, in a manner that facilitates understanding of what's available.

Advanced filtering allows you to show only the information you want to see, whether a few rooms or room groups, booking types, statuses and much more.

The calendar interface is mobile responsive, and allows exporting to PDF and iCal.

Create and manage bookings for individuals or organisations. From a simple meeting in a room, to a multi-day booking with multiple rooms, setups and layouts. Schedule the slots with setup and tear down times as well.

Booking management includes catering instructions, menus and technical or other add-ons.

Then send quotes, order documents, booking sheets and invoices on to the customer to complete the financial process and confirm the booking.

Rooms can be managed individually or combined into room groups, which can easily link multiple rooms together into a single slot.

Prices are setup based on rate types that are flexible, offer member discount, and cater for Delegate Day Rate options.

Link from your intranet to a simple interface available outside of CRM for staff to book meeting rooms for their own purposes. These internal bookings can go through an approval process before bookings are confirmed. If required a filtered list of rooms can be made available for staff bookings.

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