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Digital transformation

Trillium brings a unique perspective to the digital landscape; we work with digital agencies and clients to create solutions that extend beyond websites to create customer and member engagement. 

We do this through a blend of technical expertise, proven technology platforms, marketing expertise and industry experience.

We work in collaboration with a proven network of design agencies, marketing experts, SEO consultants and service providers. 

Our approach

We work in collaboration with design agencies who focus on the creative and user experience aspects; we architect, develop, integrate, host and maintain the end product. 

Our approach enables creatives and techies the freedom to create without the limits normally inherent creative agencies.

We work in collaboration to ensure features are robust, secure and scalable, resulting in end products that are not only beautiful but also functional.

 In line with our commitment to ensuring we use the right tools for the right reasons, we use a range of technical platforms to meet almost any requirement or budget. 

We use proven Microsoft .NET based Content Management systems that include:

  • Umbraco - the friendly open source CMS
  • Kentico - a technical Swiss knife that covers all the bases
  • Sitecore - the enterprise class digital engagement platform of choice

In addition to the above CMSs, we use the following marketing automation tools:

  • dotMailer
  • Marketo
  • Hubspot

Customers like to feel personally welcomed when the walk into a store so why should it be any different when they use your virtual shop front? Personalised online experiences allow you to adapt to your leads, customers and even your competitors to ensure you are always on message.

Delivering truly personalised customer experiences requires more than just a technical platform. It requires an understanding of the business, audiences, key drivers and decision points wrapped up in cohesive strategy. 

Once that strategy is place, we use proven technologies to deliver that strategy. 

Enabling personalised digital experiences relies on a having a cohesive view of the contact, customer or member at any stage in their journey. Knowing that their engagement is going to affected by a multitude of factors from purchase history, marketing interaction, in store feedback, social media posts and website activity, depends on single source of truth. 

We focus on creating the single source of truth through integration to key systems of record to create a truly connected system of intelligence.

Keeping the contact engaged in real time depends on a series of automation workflows and programmes tailored to each contact. 

To enable accurate decision making, we focus on providing digital insights through analytics, usage analysis, reports and alerts. 

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