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Project Approach

As a certified Microsoft partner, we have adopted a Microsoft Sure Step based methodology that underpins our flexible project implementation options.


Trillium’s project life cycle methodology, based on Sure Step, consists of six phases during the project implementation.

These phases ensure that the right level of detail is applied to the project at each stage, ensuring a mutual understanding of requirements, budget and scope between Trillium and our clients, leading to successful implementations. The phases deliver the following elements:

This is the Discovery Phase, or Project Specification, with initial workshops to obtain an overview of the business requirements. The final proposal (Project Charter and High Level Requirements) is the outcome of this phase, which is then approved by the Client.

This main outcome of this phase is to produce the detailed functional requirements document, and agree on a project schedule.

The design phase will:

  • Build the environments and configure the solution
  • Design the customisations
  • Prepare the development work in terms of how the features will be implemented
  • Design the data migration plan
  • Design the tests
  • Train the core team

Within this phase

  • We implement the solution, preferably packaging the deliverables into logical releases to ensure we are increasing visibility of the end product to the client.
  • Data migration scripts are developed, and test data migration is performed.
  • Solution testing is conducted by the users.

The deployment phase is comprised of the elements that prepare the project for Go-Live:

  • End user training
  • Final data migration
  • Final testing
  • Go-Live

This phase ensures the smooth running of the successfully launched system. It is the continued operation of the solution, underpinned by Trillium's support and account management functions.

We believe in long-term relationships with our customers, so ensuring that this phase is ongoing and fulfils the clients requirements is vital to us.

Cross phases

While a phase is a view on the process between milestones, a cross phase process is a view on the process for a specific software engineering discipline. cross phase processes are performed in several phases, and in general, most are performed from project start to end.

Without the management disciplines, Sure Step defines eight possible cross phase processes:

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Infrastructure Installation
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Training

For each of these phases, there are cross phases or work streams which occur throughout the project life cycle:

  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • Quality and Testing

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